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Crimson Bog Sour - Dessert

Cranberry, raspberry, lactose, and vanilla play into this lightly tart dessert beer.

Pond Side Pale Ale

Our juicy pale ale packed with tropical and fruity hops supported by a nice malt backbone.

Anyways. Shake. Strawberry Milkshake IPA

A sweet combo of hops, strawberry, vanilla, and lactose for those times you just want it anyways. Brewed with Amarillo, Mosaic, and Ed Dorado Hops.

Juan Moore Mexican Lager

Mexican lager brewed to always leaving you wanting.....Juan Moore.

Pump-Cadian Kolsch

Our Kolsch is the perfect vehicle for the nuanced flavor of real pumpkin with a hint of spice, over 100lbs of real pumpkin puree go into brewing this beer!

Tezcatlipoca Stout

This beer is derived from a recipe in the cookbook of one of our brewer's grandmother; a sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate drink. Flavors of cinnamon, chilis, vanilla, and chocolate flow through this thick stout in a warming experience across the tongue.

Grisette Kanyan Grisette

We took our Grisette recipe and sessioned it down to an easy 3.9% abv and fermented on a new yeast strain harvested from cacoa beans in Marañon Canyon, Peru.

You Look Like An Amber Amber

Smooth, slightly sweet balanced with a subtle roasty character tied up in an dark amber ale.

Error 504: Time Not Allowed Double IPA

Double IPA brewed with Bravo, Motueka, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops and fermented with a Norwegian Kviek yeast.


A showcase of Vienna malt and Cashmere hops, it reminds us of fresh baked bread with a floraly citrus compliment.

Oats & Bros Porter

Heavy notes of coffee and chocolate with a balance of brotherly love from oats.

The Cauldron IPA

Bitter notes of citrus round out the tropical hops in this slightly turbid IPA. Cashmere, Calypso, Vic Secret and Galaxy

Anyways.Shake.Mango Milkshake IPA

Sweet mango goodness paired with a dry hop of Mosaic and Azacca hops.

It Is What It Is- Pear American Lager

Light, crisp yet packed with flavor, this American Lager “Is What It Is,” but with pear.

Bad Math Sour Hazy IPA

IPA fermented with a house blend of saccharomyces yeast, a unique merger of sour and fruity hop flavors. Brewed with Galaxy, Simcoe, and Chinook hops.

Take Me To Your Lederhosen Wheat

Brewed in collaboration with local home-mead maker, Roger Gibson, this mild ester-y wheat beer has a nice wood-like essence from the unique mono-floral mesquite blossom honey.

Off Topic- Tangerine Cider

Fruity, hoppy, and slightly tart. This semi-sweet cider has a nice citrus punch to compliment the vinous apple flavors.

All Mind Jay Mead

Exactly as advertised, with coconut, almond & chocolate. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes we All Mind Jay.

Tastes Like Homeade Cider

Scale up winner from Hip Hops Hooray beer fest with Aaron Shockey (Lake Side Home Brewery). This sweet cider is an awesome fall libation.

Hey You Guys-Raspberry Blossom Pyment

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About Us

Diametric Brewing Company is comprised of three brewers who came together to pursue the brewery dream and a long time friend to run the taproom. Having different backgrounds while enjoying a full array of beers allows us to experiment and explore new and crazy ideas with our beers. Our goal is to push the limits, constantly explore new beers, and provide an overall experience to keep you happy.


Sean is an owner, officer, and brewer at Diametric. His beer palate runs from one end of the spectrum to the other, with a true love for yeast- forward beers such as traditional Belgian-style wits and saisons. He is addicted to finding new and exciting flavors to embed in his brews. In his free time Sean enjoys cruising on his motorcycle, skiing, hiking, camping, traveling the world with his wife, and spending time with his dogs.



Adam is an owner, officer, and brewer at New Axiom. His interest in brewing started over a decade ago and has branched out to include specialized non-grain fermentables, yeast cultivation and management, and the challenge of finding new and different flavor combinations. He enjoys doing anything outside with his family from backpacking to fly fishing or nerding out with board games and sci-fi. (Photo: Adam and his family)


Devin is an owner, officer, and brewer at Diametric. He's an avid outdoorsman, artist, and loves dreaming up new ideas for beer recipes, often times based on cultural flavors from his upbringing. Devin enjoys beers that push the envelope with ingredients and flavor profiles; beers that redefine the status quo. Devin looks forward to creating new recipes that will continually keep people on their toes. (Photo: Devin and girlfriend, Bailey).



Mac is an owner, officer, and brewer at Diametric. He enjoys watching and playing most sports, fishing, camping, and just about anything outside. Mac enjoys sours to stouts, and everything in between, pending it isn't something he is allergic to. Mac also enjoys traveling with his wife, exploring with his dogs, seeing new breweries, and meeting new people (Photo: Mac and older brother, Scott).

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